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On this page we proudly present our cats.


    Pr. Ch. Great Montezuma van Bibiaan (SOM n)
    Petname: Zuma
    Born: june 29- 2002
    Gender: male  (neutered)
     Pedigree: E.R.o'S somali database
     Offspring born: august 26- 2003
     Eldoria's  Elvis  ♂  (SOM n)

      Gr. Int. Ch. Ayasha Chi-hoota-wei (SOM b)                       
      Petname: Yasha
      Born: august 14- 2005
      Gender: female  (spayed)
      Pedigree:E.R.o.'S somali database
      Offspring born:march 27-2008
      Chinook  Chi-hoota-wei     (SOM o)

      Chiqala  Chi-hoota-wei  ♀  (SOM n)

      Choula  Chi-hoota-wei    (SOM n)



      Gr. Int. Ch. Angeni Chi-hoota-wei (SOM n)    
      Petname: Angel
      Born: august 14- 2005
      Gender: female (speyed)
      Pedigree: E.R.o.'S  somali database
      Offspring born: may 31-2007
      Billy Bob  Chi-hoota-wei   (SOM n)

      Bonita  Chi-hoota-wei    (SOM 0)

      Bandit  Chi-hoota-wei  ♂  (SOM n)
      B........   Chi-hoota-wei  ♂  (SOM n) Ü

      Offspring born: september 30- 2010

      Dakotah Sky Chi-hoota-wei (SOM n)


Over the rainbow



       Gr. Int. Ch. CloŽ Aux revoir (SOM b)
       Petname: Cloo'tje
       Born: september 15- 2003.
       Deceased:  Ü december 22- 2008
       Gender: female
       Pedigree: E.R.o.'S  somali database
        Offspring born: august 14- 2005
       Azuma   Chi-hoota-wei     (SOM n)
       Angeni  Chi-hoota-wei    (SOM n)
       Ayasha  Chi-hoota-wei    (SOM b)


My  little CloŽ girl, I loved her so much.

I love all my cats dearly but CloŽ and I had something special going on.

When she passed away she took a part of me with her.

Not a day goes by without reminiscent.

Just small things pop up;the sound of her voice, the way she looked up at me in total

adoration and the feel of her soft fur tail.

To me she was the most adorable cat in the world; affectionate and sweet.

Unfortunately she could'nt get along with the other cats very well

 which made her a bit of a loner


I always thought she trusted me but many times I 've asked my self the question:

'why didn't she  tell me she  was ill'  than maybe I could have helped her.

She died of inflammation of heart muscle (Myocarditis), nothing hereditable,

just bad luck. But cats do have there own little secrets.

I hope she's happy and someone is taking care of her,

On the other side of the rainbow.