Welcome foreign visitors on our website.

We are Henk and Marian and we are living in the Netherlands. Our greatest passion are the Somali cats.What we like most about them is there natural wild looks combined with a lovely personality.They are very affectionate animals but also quite naughty and smart.

Never a dull moment with a Somalicat about the house!


Between 2002-2011 we used to participate in cat shows and 4 litters were born in our cattery. Nowadays we are retired but still enjoying the company of our 3 Somalicats.

Even though we are not active breeders anymore we like to keep this website on air as a book of reference for ourselves and others who are interested and enjoy pictures of this wonderful breed.


We treasure our memories of our travels trough the United States.We got impressed not only by the magnificent landscapes and wild animals but also by the Native American people.

Out of admiration we decided to give our cattery an Indian name:


Meaning : Many fires, one big light.


This website is in Dutch but contains lots of pictures, enough to have some fun. So feel free to get acquainted with our cats and if you like what you see, a short message in the guestbook will be appreciated.

Under the button "Our cats" you will find a short introduction of  all cats living with us. The bigger, more beautiful pictures can be

seen in the Gallery/Gallery kittens.

There's also a diary (Dagboek) with smaller, sometimes  funny pictures that go with te stories (sorry this part is in Dutch  only)